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Feeling a bit better than last time…got in ~3.8 bare today, although I cut it short because my foot is still sore from landing on whatever it was. Yesterday was ~5.8 KSO’d and fast, too fast perhaps as sometimes happens when the KSOs shield you from true contact. If I go tomorrow, I might try those AquaSoles I posted about below…if I go at all. A day or three of rest would do the foot some good…

The weather here is so nice now, cool and crisp…the last few runs have been great in that respect. Fall has surely fallen into its rightful place.


A little low…

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~16 miles yesterday and despite still being a bit bruised from a short trail run recently, it felt good. I went bare for the first ~8 miles and wore KSOs for the remainder. I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately and it had been a few days since my last outing. I took today off too…just not feeling as energetic as usual, a bit achey perhaps…but nothing very serious.

We’ll see…

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~5.3 miles this morning in KSOs. I landed just so on a small rock or something yesterday (a +9 miler, a new barefooting distance record – hoot!) and bruised my foot a bit and the KSOs felt like some protection from that reoccurring, although I soon remembered, bare is best! There’s simply no substitute for me(!) anymore, when terrain allows. I can’t deny however, feeling the need to get back to the trail after the other day’s tease and I’d like to try the MT100s out. They sound like a reasonable compromise for now.

We’ll see…

The last few days have been a bit colder than those before them and I found myself in some ‘aqua soles’ if I need to go out. I found them a while ago at the Salvation Army store. They have approximately the same thickness as the KSOs, although they have some tread and are a bit ‘spongier’. I haven’t really run in them, but I think they might work in that respect. They weigh about the same as the KSOs too. The first picture is the mark from the insoles, which have since been removed, they wouldn’t stay in place anyway.

We’ll see…insoletm


Fells and feets…

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Felt feathery light after the 574s and had a good 9 miler Thursday. Even got in about a mile of trail running in KSOs, although that was rather slow going thanks to the very rocky trail I found in the Fells, but very enjoyable. I might have to try the MT100‘s…the KSOs didn’t quite cut the mustard out there. I’d definitely like to spend more time in the woods again, it was nice to get away from the cars for a moment at least. Feet held up well with only minor abrasions…love these chip seal roads near me.

I’ve sort of given up on the Abebe Bikila book…too dry to hold my attention I guess. I’ve been reading a bit of Paula: My Story So Far by Paula Radcliffe, which is a bit ‘juicier’, although I haven’t really gotten into it yet.

Paula Radcliffe

Took a Walk On the Wild Side

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For some unknown reason, I went out in some old New Balance 574s today. They felt ok surprisingly, although only for the initial mile. Kind ofย  nice actually, squishy and soft. Then they became noticeably heavy. I’m not sure what they weigh precisely, but they soon felt like bricks when compared to the heaviest footwear my feet have seen in months, my KSOs. So, next time I feel like some weight training, I’ll know how to proceed.

I didn’t really notice a huge difference in gait and I think I’ve become somewhat used to the ‘form’ needed to run without cushioning footwear so I may have just been able to translate that over without much trouble, and the rather low profile of the 574s didn’t hurt either.ย  I guess I was just curious what running in ‘regular’ footwear felt like as its been a while since I’ve done it.

Most telling was the fact that once I returned home and was walking the hall to my apartment door, my foot began ‘cracking’ again. It used to all the time, for years…I think it began after I smushed it into a car door that some considerate person had opened into the street when I was riding by…one of a few times I’ve received the ‘door prize’, fun times…anyway–every step I took, you would hear a snapping sound, no pain–just a cracking sound…that went away when I began running. Until today. Hmm…

I did ~3 miles today…~3 yesterday bare and ~15 the day before in KSOs. I hadn’t run for a few days before that because I had a special visitor in town, my mom! Hi mom! ๐Ÿ™‚

Mix up mix up

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I’ve gotten in a couple long runs in over the last few days…~13 on Wednesday and ~15 Friday and the hole in my heel is gone. I can’t say I will totally miss the KSOs however and might go back to mixing them in…these longer ones have felt good. The ankle seems to have adapted and doesn’t complain and I’d say I run more gently after dealing with it. Running every other day is feeling good so I’ll stick with that for now…

I just ran 11 miles, half bare and the other in KSOs…had some lunch…heading out with the fiance for ~3ย  in KSOs soon…she’s in shoes…I’m in the KSOs… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Titles… titles…

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~3-10 miles a day since last posting…a good portion in KSOs, attempting to keep debris out of a small hole in the heel where I had to excavate a bit to remove a miniscule chip of glass. And a tiny pebble that had subsequently worked itself inside too. A few more days and it will fill itself in naturally. I’ve been enjoying the protection of the KSO and they allow me to run faster which often feels good. I can’t say I’m looking forward to my next encounter with glass…it, however, appears inevitable. Feeling good, so I’ll keep it steady ahead, maybe incorporate some doubles soon…

I have been (slowly) reading The Barefoot Runner – The Life of Marathon Champion Abebe Bikila by Paul Rambali and perhaps now that I’ve posted that I’ll get to reading it more often as I’ll need to return it to the library soon.

Abebe Bikila