A Gathering of the Tribe

I had the pleasure of meeting up with ~8 other bare foot runners for a run and interview/photo session with the Boston Globe, hosted by the Shamrock Running Club in Woburn, MA. Here is a shot of the group that was able to make the run. Tim, far left, who runs barefootrunner.net, didn’t run but instead drove around with the photographer to help set up some action shots, probably because he ran 36 hours straight(!) a few days earlier to help raise donations of canned goods for the less fortunate– way to go Tim! Next to Tim is Jim, Ed (sorry, I think it was “Ed”!) who ran a ~3:15 marathon in VFFs a couple days earlier, and Preston. Very nice guys and I am looking forward to running with them all again sometime. The rest of us ran ~3.5 miles, getting to know each other a bit along the way and generally enjoying a nice evening run together.


Sadly, one fellow, who was speaking with the reporter, was left behind when the group abruptly took off for the run… and a couple other guys had to leave before the run, but came by to say hello and whatnot…it’s too bad we didn’t get more time together…next time! The story will be running within a couple weeks apparently, I’ll post a link when it does.


~ by Barefoot Bonehead on October 31, 2009.

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