We’ll see…

~5.3 miles this morning in KSOs. I landed just so on a small rock or something yesterday (a +9 miler, a new barefooting distance record – hoot!) and bruised my foot a bit and the KSOs felt like some protection from that reoccurring, although I soon remembered, bare is best! There’s simply no substitute for me(!) anymore, when terrain allows. I can’t deny however, feeling the need to get back to the trail after the other day’s tease and I’d like to try the MT100s out. They sound like a reasonable compromise for now.

We’ll see…

The last few days have been a bit colder than those before them and I found myself in some ‘aqua soles’ if I need to go out. I found them a while ago at the Salvation Army store. They have approximately the same thickness as the KSOs, although they have some tread and are a bit ‘spongier’. I haven’t really run in them, but I think they might work in that respect. They weigh about the same as the KSOs too. The first picture is the mark from the insoles, which have since been removed, they wouldn’t stay in place anyway.

We’ll see…insoletm



~ by Barefoot Bonehead on September 28, 2009.

One Response to “We’ll see…”

  1. Hey! I came across your blog by chance while searching for information on the MT100’s. I’m also a barefoot runner from the Boston area. I’ve been doing this for about 2 years now. I also happen to be a trail runner (usually shod) and I love it as much as running barefoot, so I can totally relate to your desire to revisit the woods. You seem to be on a journey of discovery very similar to the one I set out on 2 years ago when I began to run barefoot and then got hooked on trail/ultra running the following spring. I like to think of myself as a pragmatist rather than a purist when it comes to barefoot running; I am perfectly okay with wearing shoes on the trails as long as the shoes are not overbuilt to restrict foot function and reduce sensitivity to the trail. I currently run in Inov8 X-Talons. These are the lightest shoes in the Inov-8 line up and I absolutely adore them! They’re featherweight light at 7.5oz, and their construction is flat, neutral and low to the ground so your foot is free to move around and operate naturally. At the same time, the outsole is rugged enough to handle almost any surface. I used to be a huge fan of the NB 790’s, but I can’t imagine running in them regularly anymore because they feel somewhat spongy and restrictive. They’re still excellent shoes though and I hope the MT100’s are a step in the right direction.

    I love running at the Fells. Lynn Woods has some gorgeous trails and vistas as well, but it’s a bit of a longer drive so I hardly ever go there. I did do the 7 mile Skyline trail at the Fells in KSOs a couple of times last year. It was a challenging, but exhilarating experience. I don’t think it’s something that I would want to do regularly though. The risk of injury is too great. The trails are just too gnarly for my taste and a single misstep can leave you with a toe fracture. Also, I find it hard to run any considerable distance on those trails in KSO’s without the arches of my feet becoming tender from the constant impact of sharp, medium-sized rocks. Right now, I can tolerate 7-8 miles, but I have to slow down and pay attention to every step. It’s just too mentally exhausting and it detracts from my enjoyment of the trail. Maybe if I spent a year honing my reflexes and strengthening my feet, I might be able to run faster and for longer distances, but, I don’t really care to find out. I’m perfectly happy with my Inov8’s.

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