Took a Walk On the Wild Side

For some unknown reason, I went out in some old New Balance 574s today. They felt ok surprisingly, although only for the initial mile. Kind of  nice actually, squishy and soft. Then they became noticeably heavy. I’m not sure what they weigh precisely, but they soon felt like bricks when compared to the heaviest footwear my feet have seen in months, my KSOs. So, next time I feel like some weight training, I’ll know how to proceed.

I didn’t really notice a huge difference in gait and I think I’ve become somewhat used to the ‘form’ needed to run without cushioning footwear so I may have just been able to translate that over without much trouble, and the rather low profile of the 574s didn’t hurt either.  I guess I was just curious what running in ‘regular’ footwear felt like as its been a while since I’ve done it.

Most telling was the fact that once I returned home and was walking the hall to my apartment door, my foot began ‘cracking’ again. It used to all the time, for years…I think it began after I smushed it into a car door that some considerate person had opened into the street when I was riding by…one of a few times I’ve received the ‘door prize’, fun times…anyway–every step I took, you would hear a snapping sound, no pain–just a cracking sound…that went away when I began running. Until today. Hmm…

I did ~3 miles today…~3 yesterday bare and ~15 the day before in KSOs. I hadn’t run for a few days before that because I had a special visitor in town, my mom! Hi mom! 🙂


~ by Barefoot Bonehead on September 23, 2009.

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  1. Hi, angel!

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