Untitled…until a moment ago…

I forgot all about this guy…found while I was down in North Carolina. It’s sort of hard to see, but it has a very prominent ‘horn’ on its head. beetle3_topbeetle3_persp

I also spotted this huge (~3 inches anyway) fly on a watermelon.


Yesterday was really nice here, cool and slightly autumnal…I ran ~6.3 miles in an hour with some rather speedy stretches thrown in for good measure as I was feeling strong from not running for the last two days. The day before I rode the bike into Boston for an ~18 mile round trip, which was fun and fast as well, feeling very well rested. The soles are holding up well and although I’m still getting some decent blistering, I still can’t imagine denying my feet such a rewarding experience by donning shoes.


~ by Barefoot Bonehead on August 29, 2009.

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