My backyard

I’ve spent the last few days out of town and basically away from PC’s, hence the lapse in posting…I was in North Carolina visiting family.

I made a new barefoot distance record of ~6.66 miles and that felt great until the final half-mile or so when I was rather tired…I had only planned on doing ~4-5 miles, but had become lost in the unfamiliar surroundings.

We spent a couple days on the beach and I had a couple wonderful runs there, my first beach runs ever. My calves enjoyed the extra workout and one run my fiance joined me barefooted for a mile! She is a fairly new runner, putting in a few miles every other day or so, usually in her beloved Nikes, and seeing her barefooted was a treat! She enjoyed it and hasn’t mentioned having any pain from it…I was a bit worried she might, but I guess her feet are strong enough for a little at a time from being barefooted most of the time. It’s always great to run with her, no matter what is worn.

I’ve averaged ~3-4 miles a day since last post…the ankle goes mostly unnoticed now…and everything else feels great. My soles have really come along nicely as of late…and surfaces that used to be quite painful are now traversed with ease. I’m ‘lucky’ in that the roads around me are really less than ideal, mostly chip-seal, and that has toughened up my soles quickly, or so it seems.

I’ve found myself reaching places that used to seem very far away with little effort these days…my backyard is growing! Very cool.


~ by Barefoot Bonehead on August 27, 2009.

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