I got a late start today and payed for it. 80F and 80% humidity didn’t feel very nice after a mile or two, so I decided to cut it short and head home… 3.5 miles in ~34 minutes. The ligament behaved well and despite a couple twangs to remind me of its sensitivity, it was barely noticed and I felt like I was running ‘like I used to’ a bit today…very nice.

I passed, in the opposite direction, a middle-aged woman sporting double knee braces who when upon noticing I had no shoes on pointed to my feet and said “Brave…”, so I sort of yelled to her as we grew apart “Naw–you get used to it quick and it feels great! Try it!” but I’m not sure she heard all of it…and it’s true–I’m amazed at how in a relatively short amount of time, roads that I used to avoid because the chip seal is mostly chip, I can now traversed unrestricted because the speed the soles have adapted to it.

I also happened to spot this guy…it’s about the same size as the Pseudolucanus Capreolus I found late last month:



EDIT:  I will report back once I get a positive ID…I’m not sure what this is yet…It’s with the Capreolus and they “live” on a plate under a candle in our kitchen now. I also did 2 more miles on the treadmill in the evening to keep the ligament loose–felt good.



~ by Barefoot Bonehead on August 17, 2009.

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