Me-outside again

Did about 4 miles this morning, ~2 on the treadmill and another ~2 outside running an errand. It was already very warm this morning and I’m staying inside today if I can help it. Met a lovely feline friend out there today, very affectionate and trusting, so I spent a minute rubbing her melon. Adorable.

The ligament was unnoticeable except for the occasional twinge and the fact that I’m still going slowly to keep the strain down. Also, as if I earned a free pass the other day, I couldn’t step on a rock today if I tried, smooth sailing the entire trip. Excellent.

I had a vision so I whipped this up, perhaps someday we will have this publication for real. You might not get some of the references unless you hang around the Runner’s World Barefoot Forum



~ by Barefoot Bonehead on August 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “Me-outside again”

  1. Congratz on the free pass! Always nice to just be able to flow. The magazine cover rocks. I have to start writing up some reviews for page 42!

  2. Bonehead, the magazine cover is great! We (the RW forum)really should do the newsletter idea…

    • Thanks Jason, I got a kick out of it, glad others did too…and I agree–anything to promote barefooting sounds like a good idea to me!

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