Run for your life

Still taking it slowly here while I’m trying to nurse this ligament back to health. I have been able to put in 3-5 miles a day for the last few days, but am going to take today off and perhaps a few more to try and recover more completely. I’ve been itching for a nice, long run but have been afraid to do the damage it would cause…and it’s been hard because once I get going, it doesn’t hurt much. I’ve been icing it and will continue to do so. The good part has been being able to learn to run more ‘softly’, out of necessity…a decent habit to develop if I want to keep running for the rest of my days. I did do a couple days in the KSOs; one day the asphalt was very hot and the other I just felt like I needed a break. One drawback with the KSOs is that they allow me to run too far, not something I should be doing.


~ by Barefoot Bonehead on August 9, 2009.

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