Take two when one might do…

On the idea of keeping the cadence high and taking more, shorter steps as opposed to a leaping, stepping-stone gait. The idea came when I realized how much less my ligament hurt when I kept my feet under my center of gravity instead of reaching out in front as I have a tendency to do it seems…

As I passed by a house with two guys outside chatting, one on the porch and the other on the sidewalk, the one on the porch exclaims, upon noticing I had no shoes on, “There are rocks on the ground here sir!”, to which I spat out automatically “It’s all good…”, and leaving them behind, I hear him reply “OK!”. I meant to say “It’s all good, I have eyes to avoid them with…” but I, of course, thought of that immediately after the encounter.

Ironically, today my resolve wavered multiple times, questioning whether or not going bare was worth the blisters and no-see-em’s* that are inherent when barefoot running. Not the blisters so much, as these can be avoided with proper form, apparently anyway, as I’ve yet to attain that level of expertise…but boy…when they get you in the same spot multiple times it will drive anyone to question the true level of masochism involved.

My ankle soreness returned a bit after about 4.5 of the ~5 miles I was able to run this morning, though it feels fine now…still taking it easy and trying to relax as much as possible. Took about an hour…

* Those rocks that are just the perfect size or color that they blend into the ground and don’t catch your eye enough to avoid on scanning, yet are large, and usually sharp (funny how that works) enough to give you a serious signal when you hit the same spot in your heel about four times in the same run like I did today.


~ by Barefoot Bonehead on August 4, 2009.

One Response to “Take two when one might do…”

  1. with you on the questioning, buddy. that’s why i am taking the easy way out for now. i have to weigh the level of BF newbie suffering against race and mileage goals. wish i could throw it all out the window and live the bare life too..

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