6.64 in ~1:02 with an average HR of 140. Super weather and I felt really good probably from taking it so easy yesterday only doing 3.5 in ~33 minutes at an average HR of 143. I also just noticed the name of that used car place I decided to turn at that day that darn bird and I met, Detour Motors.

It was a bit strange at one point when I was running in the shadow of a chain link fence on a sandy path worn alongside a baseball field where a pattern of interlocking diamonds had been cast, I could have sworn it felt like I could feel the edges of what felt like tiny cushions as I placed my foot on them, but it must have been my imagination. I also learned that that hill that I said I’d go for once I have been running for a while gets about twice as steep as it is at the beginning when it turns the corner just out of sight from the bottom. It’s not very long…but it’s very steep, making the rest of the run feel flat in comparison.


~ by Barefoot Bonehead on July 11, 2009.

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