6.26 in ~ 58:00 yesterday, average HR 149. 3 bare and 2.26 were errands VFF’d since opening up a blister on my left foot. It has been there for a while but only opened up yesterday, perhaps softened from the rainy running…I trimmed the excess skin away and it has been fine, the skin underneath being remarkably strong from it teetering on the edge of true blistering for so long. Nature’s band-aid. Thanks Mom!

EDIT: Playing a little catchup ~ 7.35 in 1:07 today,  avg HR 141. All VFF’d running errands, playing mailman and using a local running store coupon I got in a race swag bag before it expires on a handheld bottle. I ran with a bottle belt recently and found it OK until the bottle was empty making it too light to stay put and it ended up creeping up my waist before ultimately being carried for the rest of the run, leading to the discovery that I don’t mind carrying a bottle in my hands.


~ by Barefoot Bonehead on July 9, 2009.

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