Can’t take the (low) pressure!

A mellow 4 miles in 40:00 this morning as it poured outside…felt kind of weak probably from not doing my usual grazing last night and sleeping instead. 2.5 miles were bare and the feet and skin felt fine. Will probably do a few more later in the afternoon once fueled.

EDIT: Wholly forgot to mention yesterday, perhaps because it was an uneventful 5 miles in ~50:00 in the afternoon. 2.5 bare. Felt very easy.

It’s worth mentioning that today(the 2nd), although I really didn’t notice it at the time, when I put the VFFs on, I started to get tired and a bit achy, as if I was fighting the footwear to let me feel and strike like I was without them. I think they are getting in the way now. Interesting.

Another 6 miles in the afternoon in 54:30 with 2.5 through 4 faster than usual. Max HR 165. First 3 miles bare, felt great overall. It’s nice to let myself go a little…and it’s been very interesting keeping my feet just this side of blistering. Neat ‘ol organ…


~ by Barefoot Bonehead on July 2, 2009.

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