Stupid bird aka “go with the gut”.

I knew I should have kept on going straight but I took that right, past that used car dealership that is often so tempting because it gets me off the main road and away from the traffic, and found a little birdy in the street. He wasn’t sitting there eating something as I assumed when I first saw him, waiting for him to scatter as I drew closer, he was injured. His toothpick legs were splayed out and he was sort of on his little bird behind. Rats. He was sort of small…did he fall from a nest? Was this a failed maiden voyage? There was a small tree quite near…I didn’t know. I did know he wasn’t looking happy there in the middle of the street huffing his little lungs surely scared by me standing there. I thought I should kill it…chances are it wouldn’t have fared too well with those legs right? Surely a hawk would soon spot it laying in the road and take care of it no? Maybe I should just get it over with…but I hesitated. Once while living in Boston I found a glue trap with a victim stuck to it in an alley. I tried to pull the poor guy off but he was really stuck. I did what I thought best… poor fella. Why did I hesitate this time? I suppose this guy wasn’t quite as stuck as that mouse was… I had a vision of some neighborhood kid finding it and bringing it to the vet or something…nursing it back to health in a blanket with a syringe and all that…I knew I should have kept going straight. I decided to do nothing. Let nature happen as it already had. It would be some other way if it was meant to be that way. But it wasn’t, it was looking at me and breathing heavily. I started running…and got mad. Damn bird. Damn it. Damn detour. I turned around. At least I’ll get it off the road? Put it under a bush so the hawks won’t get it… maybe its buddies will come with a blanket…I don’t know… but it’s better than getting run over by a machine right? As I went to grab it it tried to fly away…it didn’t. It must have been quite messed up inside its tiny body. It flitted towards to sidewalk as I asked it to stop, assuming it probably hurt like nothing it had ever felt and it did when it couldn’t get over the curb. Damn. It let me grab it and I placed it under a bush…poor thing. I don’t know if what I did was best… but that’s what I did. I ran fast after that. Stupid bird. I knew I should have gone straight…

5.27 in 46:45 with a <6 min mile pace in there somewhere… for how long I’m not sure though. 2 miles barefoot, the rest VFF’d. Felt great. Perfect weather, cool and overcast.

EDIT: Another 5 very easy in the afternoon, 2.5 BF. 53:00 or so…felt good. Nice and tired now…


~ by Barefoot Bonehead on June 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “Stupid bird aka “go with the gut”.”

  1. No doubt about where you came from

  2. The moral dilemma. What is our responsibility at times like these? More to the point, as you suggest, do we interfere with nature? Nice blog. BTW, I am most fond of alliterative titles. Well done.

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