Spring soon!

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The ear is healing up fine and I’ve been running ~35 miles per week for the last few weeks, most of that barefooted and indoors on a treadmill. When I do get outside, I’ve been in New Balance MT-100’s, for warmth. I ran ~3 miles in KSOs outside one day, but they seem to make my plantar fascia feel odd.

It feels really good to be running more lately. C’mon Spring!


Back on the streets, sort of, again

•December 23, 2009 • 2 Comments

It’s been a few weeks since the surgery and everything is healing up properly and I’ve actually regained some hearing in the affected ear! I also received clearance to resume running! I promptly took advantage of that and have made 4 runs, each around 5K, so far. The first felt great and I was quite sore for a couple days after. The next I was only sore for a few hours. After the last two I haven’t been sore at all…I have been running very easily though. The last two runs were done on the treadmill because the last time I went outside, I spent more time trying to stay upright than enjoying myself. I’m lucky to have the equipment at my disposal.

I seem to have encountered a bit of the writer’s block since the surgery, for a few reasons I’d imagine…but hopefully that will lift soon and we can get back to some ‘proper blogging’ again. I think I simply need more time running to get those creative juices flowing again!

Thanks to everyone for their warm wishes during my downtime– they were all appreciated!

Speed bump

•November 23, 2009 • 6 Comments

It’s going to be a little slow going around here for a while.

I had a mastoidectomy and tympanoplasty on the 18th and am not allowed to do any strenuous exercise for a week or two. I developed an infection in the mastoid process, a honeycomb-like structured protrusion of the skull you can feel if you press behind your ear. This infection basically ate the ossicles, the three minute bones behind your eardrum, and some other structures and left me unable to hear through that ear. They went in from behind the ear and cleaned out the infection. They also took a small skin graft from my arm and made a new eardrum for me, to keep out new infection and to, perhaps, someday facilitate prosthetics and hearing aids.

So maybe in a year or so they can replace those bones and stuff and restore my hearing, I’ll find out a bit more about that during my follow-up visit in a couple days.

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It has been a little slow going lately, mostly due to catching a bit of a cold and feeling generally out of it. I’ve been doing ~20 miles per week since the last post, mostly on asphalt with a couple excursions over to the Fells thrown in…and a couple runs on the treadmill when outside was just a little too bleak to inspire communion. My body feels good save those few days where the illness really had me.

The article that I speak about in the previous post has been printed and can been seen at the Boston Globe’s site. Feets

A Gathering of the Tribe

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I had the pleasure of meeting up with ~8 other bare foot runners for a run and interview/photo session with the Boston Globe, hosted by the Shamrock Running Club in Woburn, MA. Here is a shot of the group that was able to make the run. Tim, far left, who runs barefootrunner.net, didn’t run but instead drove around with the photographer to help set up some action shots, probably because he ran 36 hours straight(!) a few days earlier to help raise donations of canned goods for the less fortunate– way to go Tim! Next to Tim is Jim, Ed (sorry, I think it was “Ed”!) who ran a ~3:15 marathon in VFFs a couple days earlier, and Preston. Very nice guys and I am looking forward to running with them all again sometime. The rest of us ran ~3.5 miles, getting to know each other a bit along the way and generally enjoying a nice evening run together.


Sadly, one fellow, who was speaking with the reporter, was left behind when the group abruptly took off for the run… and a couple other guys had to leave before the run, but came by to say hello and whatnot…it’s too bad we didn’t get more time together…next time! The story will be running within a couple weeks apparently, I’ll post a link when it does.

Fall in the Fells

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I was able take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather over the last few days and enjoy some trail running in the reservation nearby. After barefooting the ~3 miles over there, I switched over to the MT100’s which worked extremely well except for a small blister that formed on my Achilles tendon from the rather stiff  heel cup. It looks worse than it is.


They seem quite tough for such a light shoe. I even wore them on the road for a bit on the way home and they worked well there too! As you can see from the rocky path picture above, the rock plate got more than its fair share of use and worked well. Color me impressed.

I’ve been putting off writing this entry for a few days, probably because I know I’ll do the experience little justice with my reporting, but I want to get something out…so I’ll end here, but will try to write more, as it was really a great couple days. I will note that on the second venture, I came across a beautiful Eastern Milk snake, about 3 feet long and enjoying a drink near some cascading waterfalls (I’ll bring the camera next time, I just discovered the area that day…).


•October 13, 2009 • 2 Comments

Took the plunge and ordered some MT100’s and they should be arriving this week. I’m actually looking forward to trying them out because I’ve been itching to get out on the trails more!

My foot is still a bit sore from the rocks I landed on just right, but it’s getting better daily. Ran ~6 miles a couple days ago, ~5.25 bare and the remainder KSO’d.

~6.6 yesterday and the foot is still a bit tender. I kept an easy pace and it was a beautiful day out there as the colors invade the treeline more each day, although it was a bit chilly at the start! I’ve switched to long sleeves and thin compression shorts and they kept me comfortable once I got going.